The Straydog Brewpub is the first and only brewpub in Baños, Ecuador, a small tourist town in the central sierra. Besides micro-brews on tap, it has a full bar menu and seating for up to 35 people. It is centrally located on the main town square, a block from city hall. Hours: Weekdays: 3pm-11pm (Closed Tuesdays). Sundays: 11am-7pm.

"Come for the beer, stay for the food!"

(Section of oil painting "Stray Dog" by Alberto Soriano. CLick on photo for full image.)

The craft beers served at Straydog are brewed by La Cascada Brewery, 6 blocks away, near the waterfall. The water used in brewing the beer is drawn from a natural spring near the thermal baths, "Agua de La Vida" and has been blessed by the Virgin of Agua Santa.

The pub was opened in July, 2011, by Marshia Jackson and Jim Redd, from Chicago, owners of one of the top-rated hotel/restaurants in Baños, La Posada del Arte and their partner Wouter Steffallar. Marshia and Jim's son, Jason, is the bar-chef. He has created the best bar-food menu in Baños. The brewmaster is Tim Metzger, Jason's long-time friend.

Stray Dog GrubPub / Maldonado & Rocafuerte / Banos de Agua Santa, Tungurahua, Ecuador / Tel 03 274-0083/US: 773-572-8810 /